Improva Stevia Drops (Pack of 3)

India has become world's diabetes capital. Around 40% of us are either diabetic, prediabetic or at high risk. Though eating sweet does not directly cause diabetes, it puts an unaccounted calorie load on the body, stresses the insulin production system and also is directly toxic to the insulin producing cells. But how can an Indian stop eating sweet? So what to do?. Improva brings to you Stevia drops , a natural zero calorie alternative to sugar made from Stevia that, tastes like sugar but without it's harms. Improva Stevia drops has Stevia extract that 1. It provides the same sweetness but without any extra calorie load on the body. 2. Does not promote cavities and also suppresses growth of bad bacteria in mouth 3. Perfect for milk tea, green tea, sherbat, milk, coffee, etc. 4. Safe to consume stevia as regular Sugar is a sweet poison. 5. If you are a diabetic and have a sweet tooth, Improva Stevia is a perfect choice

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  • Brand: Improva
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